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This game is best played with Terence Fletcher from Whiplash yelling at you as u play. this was fun but i suck at keeping tempo lol. the metronome kinda cuts out when u play a note so its hard to really feel it. love the character! hes cute 

Hmm, maybe we should keep the metronome playing during the game? Will try tweaking on it again a bit later then.

I would save give it a shot, make the freq of the sound a little harsh. but maybe a clicking noise or snare should work 

The game is pretty fun, and somewhat addictive, but the occasional lags in the audio really throw you off during the game. Cute sprites


Thank you for your feedback! We'll look at the audio lag again and--hopefully--find a way to fix it.

Once again, thank you! :D

The sprites are really cute! Good luck with the Jam!

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Thank you! :D You too, good luck!