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Watch Playing brand-new games from Weekly Game Jam 84 | !submit !queue !faq from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Fascinating game. I like that you didn't tell everything at the beginning, and let us piece it together.

Aaa, thank you for playing!

Glad you like the story too. :D I actually worry about the writing because I did them around 10 hours before the deadline. I composed too much on paper and got overwhelmed when getting them into the code.

I enjoyed this. Thank you.

Thank you for try it out too! :D

Great concept. They are a werewolf right? Nice music too.


Yep, he's a werewolf. Thank you for playing too! :D

I really liked the music, story and art, I just didn't know how to get the stranger to leave, i had 100 food but i couldn't get the stranger to leave so i didn't win :( But nice game!

I got the stranger to leave by going to the forest the day before. I picked some herb and it made him fart. I asked him to leave. 

Spoiler: I put a randomizer for getting the herb, so there's a chance you don't get it at first try going to the forest while the traveler stay; try again if it happens

Btw, thank you for playing. :D