- A Submission for Mini Jam 38: Food -

You've just started working on the office cafetaria yesterday. The only thing your supervisor said to you before he left to Romania was: "Gotta go fast and cook for those hungry office workers, man! You can do it!"

You really doubt your boss is going to come back anytime soon, by the way.

You can only use arrow keys to control everything in this game, due to the game jam limitation.

A little guide:

  • During gameplay, press left to view recipe, press right to open the cooking interface.
  • In cooking interface, navigate each column by pressing left/right and change the ingredients/cooking method by pressing up/down in the designated column.
  • Go back to gameplay view by pressing left from the left-est column.
  • Go cook the ingredients by pressing right from the right-est column (the one with "COOK" sign).


Art/Programming: Matthias1590

Programming: juunishi master

BGM: Unprepared by Joshua McLean


CookWindowsBuildRev1.zip 24 MB
CookMacBuildRev1.zip 24 MB
CookLinuxBuildRev1.zip 25 MB


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I tried every recipe and none of them seem to register as correct and they give random seeming results.

Weird, for me they just work fine