**A submission for Mini Jam 23: Time**

It's winter. Bland and cold and your time in this world depleted faster than it should. Run for the Tree of Life. Now.


  • Press arrow key up to jump.
  • Cacti are bad news.


  • Programming: juunishi master
  • Music: amenemone
  • Art: Leida

Development log


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Clever adaptive mixing! I remember hearing the soundtrack, and I think it works even better in the game. I wouldn't mind playing this instead of the no-internet-dino game when my wifi cuts out.

Thank you for playing! :D

I kinda know someone would eventually mentioned no-internet-dino. =))

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Very nice soundtrack! I loved how it kinda changed pitch when we got hit.

The collision on the fox is a little off, though. Most times I didn't hit any cactus at all, but was still slowed down.

The mechanic of losing more time/time slowing down when we got hit is quite interesting, but sometimes when I got hit I would be stuck on the same cactus and the next one, and it would be like a chain of hits impossible to avoid, as I couldn't jump over any of them anymore.

Anyways, great job! Gonna listen to some more of this song before going to the next game!


Yeah, the very first version has a huge hitbox, really sorry for the inconvenience. Just now, we've updated the game (add animation and resize the hitbox). Hopefully, the gameplay feels better now.

Thank you for playing! :D