DevTalk #2: (Not Recommended) Workflow


In today's devtalk, I'd like to talk about workflow.

Being all first-timer in developing a visual novel, our workflow is actually ... a mess.

We started in the right path: outlining the story and then writing it down. But, before all writing has finished, we already jumped into working with graphic assets (character sprites and backgrounds). 

This is a not recommended workflow, actually.

The story deviates quite a lot from the first outline. Even though we have made approximations of what assets we will need and use, there are additional ones to be made.

For our case, since we don't have strict budgeting (even though we agree to work on this project for free, there's "compensation fee"), we can still get away with this workflow. We shouldn't repeat this mistake again the next time we get into VN development. Lesson learned.

That's all for today's devtalk. :) See you again next week.

-juunishi master-

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