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In their second year, team AURM got caught up in doping affair after one of their member failed to pass the substance test held by Beacon Academy authorities. Determined to prove it was a mistake and captured the real culprit behind it, the team started their own investigation.


Anya Lyre

The leader of the team. Cool-headed and responsible, though there are a few times where she takes a reckless and risky decision. Rather than a "pure leader", Anya acts more like a big sister figure for the others. Her unusual knowledge and shady information resources raise suspicion even from her teammates.  

Ulm Thornman

The thinker. He has an extraordinary skill in measuring and memorizing various things from cake recipe to Dust serial numbers. Despite of his low self-esteem, Ulm's skill with his crossbow is remarkable.

Rhodo Manthus J.

The muscle of team AURM. Living up the stereotype of the strong guy in the team, Rhodo is a slow-thinker and simple-minded. Rhodo has a constant dispute with Mei due to Mei’s habit of scolding him for trivial matters, but the two can work together very well in combat.

Mei Schnee

The last member and the ace of team AURM. Mei comes from Schnee family who is known as the founder and owner of Schnee Dust Company, the biggest Dust mining, refinery, and distributor in the world. Cheerful, polite, and cocky at the same time, Mei is actually a loner type who thinks not involving people means she protects them from harm.


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Oooh just found this gonna download and give it a try, love Rwby Fan VN games. I have 3 others. just currious is this with Mei and Li the daughts of Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang. 

It's only with Mei, actually. Li only being mentioned a few times in the story.

are we gonna get an update soon? love the game so far btw

Thank you for trying this game out! We're glad you like it. :D

We're currently a bit slow in art. Kinda feel bad to release an update without art. But, yes, we're progressing in the writing.

We plan to roll an update around this week.

Soooo excited for this!

Aww, thank you! XD