DevTalk #3: Being a Non English Speaker


I was stuck about what to write in the DevTalk, that's why the third DevTalk is a bit late (I plan to write DevTalk once a week). And, for the last week, I've been playing VA-11 HALL-A. Now on my second gameplay for completing all achievements.

Playing other games, especially the one that was created by people who spoke English daily, helps me a lot.

You might've noticed from how the DevTalk posts and the game page that I'm not a native English speaker. While I can write around 50 words/minute in my native language, I can only get 50 English words in 5 minutes or so. With a lot of Google Translate and Merriam-Webster checking. I sometimes even put something like, "long short story meaning" in the search engine.

That's why playing other games developed by English speaker helps. For the very least, I can get more ideas how conversation/dialogue between characters should be carried out.

As for narration, I still need to read more English language novels. (Ah, damn, my reading backlogs piling uppppp.)

That's for this week devtalk. See you again later! :D

-juunishi master-

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