DevTalk #4: The Struggle to Work On The Game Every Day


... It's been a month since last devlog post and I supposed to write devlog here weekly. orz

To be honest, I found myself struggle to make working on the game as a daily routine. Sometimes, all I do is open Notepad++ with the visual novel script already loaded, read a little, think about what would happen next in the story, stuck, and make my escape by scrolling down on Facebook or Twitter. (Dear me, stop proscrastinating already ....)

And writing down about the struggle make me realize maybe I should really use Trello for weekly checklist. I read an article about "gaming addiction" last night and the part about game having clear, measurable objectives/side-quests/progression kinda make sense. Like, IMHO, everyone needs direction and some of us needs to break down the direction into several written tasks which we can check.

Alrighty. :)) This is a "devrants" rather than a devlog or a devtalk and not sure it's something you think useful, but I'll still post it.

See you again in the next devlog/devtalk/devrant, then!


Progress since last devlog:

  • Two new colored CGs
  • Around 1500 words written in the script
  • A few edits in the story script

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